1. Choosing The Right INFLUENCER
  2. On Boarding-Product Trial
  3. Placing The Ads
  4. Talking Points
  5. Be The Coach
  6. Ad-Lib-A-Bil-Ity
  7. Evaluating and Adjusting


CHOOSING THE RIGHT INFLUENCER Based on client/partner campaign strategy, goals and budget. Company product/service and a roll out plan. Are we buying syndicated personalities, local, podcasts or a mix? It’s possible to begin small and grow campaign as you begin to see results. Local campaigns with 1-8 personalities, 300 markets with one station each, 40 markets with 7-9 stations and 300 markets with 2-3 radio personalities and everything in between.

Choosing hosts (personalities) is more than just deciding talk, sports or country.  Formats will be important but just looking at ratings and asking stations to have someone do live reads is not a winning plan. It is important to have a working knowledge of the market, the shows/personalities and their willingness and ability to create effective campaigns.

ON-BOARDING-PRODUCT TRIAL Once the hosts have been vetted and decided on, the product launch phase begins. This is the opportunity to introduce the personality to your product or service. They really must use the products before they can begin. If your product is not tangible, say a mortgage company, a mock set up may be helpful. We have had group dinners in restaurants, brought vets and dog food to studios, delivered gifts to wives and moms, put in beautiful windows, provided alarm systems and more and signed our hosts up for countless on line services. This is a very important step that cannot be overlooked. During this trial product, any issues or concerns from hosts will be handled.

PLACING THE AD When negotiating with the media, you must insist on placement.  The most efficient live read is the “stand alone”, within content of show.  This is followed by “first in break” or if anything just a quick sweeper or traffic segment, no more than 15 seconds.  My word is “segue”.  How does the host personality “segue” from show content to your content?

TALKING POINTS Copy Writing in this medium is usually done by providing “talking points” to the hosts.  This is important, we do not want to create scripts. Basic info (but enough) that you want the host to mention, specials or calls to action. How to “get the product” etc.  Remember, he/she is a customer. A good host knows his/her audience best. There is a relationship between them and if it’s not authentic, it will not be as successful as it could be. The goal is to have the host relate their experience in an enthusiastic, credible manner and tell listeners how to find you.

BE THE COACH Before you start, but after initial copy has been sent, it’s time to coach the personality.  We invite the client, or client representative in to this process as well.  This can be done over the phone, or face to face if a company feels that much explanation, Q&A is necessary.  During these calls the hosts may have a great narrative to tell their audiences about, or may have feedback for us that becomes important.  I have met or spoke with over 1,000 on air personalities, these meetings are sometimes critical to the hosts becoming the very best spokesmen they can for you.

AD-LIB-A-BIL-ITY Once campaign starts the real work begins. The first few ads are imperative to getting the best results.  There are many ways to hear the ads in their entirety, some require help from the radio sales staff.  In these ads you will know if they “get it” are they enthusiastic, knowledgeable, relatable.  Can they ad-lib and still stay on message?  When evaluating your on air personalities, it’s important to remember we are often in our own echo chambers.  Try to imagine yourself in the car, listening to this host.  Is he a talk host, if so I am used to him talking at me, directly.  No music bed, no fanfare, just telling me what he thinks.  Conversely if it’s my morning “coffee crew” it’s more organic if the team talk to each other, not scripted, just continued chatter.  One person telling another person about something they found, while I eavesdrop on the conversation.

EVALUATING & ADJUSTING At the onset and during campaign you must be ready to tweak and adjust. Performance will ultimately be decided upon results.   Tracking is the best way to know how well a personality is doing. We have invested time and resources in these personalities and will to do as much as possible to help them be the best they can be.  Even a great endorser may struggle with your product.  This is where kinks get ironed out and success is often decided.  Follow Up is the Key.